Hi everyone,
It's my pleasure to introduce my new iPad/ Android app,named Korean x Puzzle.
Christmas limited edition
iPad download address

Game introduction:
1. Learn Korean Language in this puzzle game. Easy and fun to memorise Korean vocabulary
2. Multiple languages, i. English to Korean & ii. Chinese to Korean
3. Plenty of Korean vocabularies. Common and practical!
4. Sixty (60) addictive mission based levels
5. Single-player mode and multiple-player mode
6. Analyse the recent wrong words during the gameplay and feedback to the player
7. Three (3) characters are allowed to select
8. No advertisement in this promotion period
9. Addictive graphics, sound effects and intuitive screen
10. Limited tips can be used in difficult time
11. No internet connection is required. Offline sounds are included to improve Korean listening skill,
12. Korean pronunciation letters are included to improve Korean reading skill

Thank you for your support!