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    Default [FREE GAME] The can of Baba: Barcelona


    We are Pixel Cream a self-sufficient creative studio dedicated to the creation of videogames used in several platforms.

    We have recently brought out our first game, “The can of Baba: Barcelona”, for Android, PC and it will very soon be available for iOS and Windows Phone.

    Baba, a street peddler who sells beer cans, is the amusing character you will have to guide through the most emblematic buildings and monuments of Barcelona, giving him a hand to avoid the police, aggressive buyers, and hustlers, with the help of a pair of helium balloons attached to his back which allows him to move quick and sprightly.

    You can download it in play in your browser (supported by Kongregate): or visit our website .

    Meet Baba and his particular world, and tell us your experience!

    We hope you enjoy Baba's adventures

    See you soon!
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    Default Re: [FREE GAME] The can of Baba: Barcelona

    Welcome to the forums. Thanks for sharing.

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