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    Default Lock screen missing and can't use phone

    I am running Das BAMF 2.1 Remix and had a strange issue today that I can't seem to get around. My battery died while I was using the phone, so I plugged it in and promptly rebooted. The lock screen was completely missing. The notification bar is still there, but I can't use the phone. Here is what I have tried:

    Wipe Cache and Dalvik and reboot
    Put it in a Car dock to Unlock
    Reflash ROM after wiping cache and dalvik
    Wipe system, cache, dalvik and reflash ROM
    Wipe system, cache, dalvik each 3 times and reflash ROM.

    I am trying to avoid wiping data because I have only had the ROM on a week and had just got it the way I wanted it so I don't have a nandroid or a Ti Backup (I know, dumb). I think I have most of it backed up, but I really don't want to lose anything else. The only other thing I can think of is flashing the kernel again (I don't think this will help, but as you can tell, I am out of options). Anyone have any ideas or am I just going to have to wipe everything and start over?

    Edit: I also can't get ADB to recognize the phone, but I think it because the driver never loaded properly.
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    I'd wait to hear from someone else but I'm pretty sure I just did a factory reset when that happened to me. I don't think I lost anything from SD card like pics when I did it, but did loose texts, contacts, etc...

    Freaked me out when it happened. After reset, I just reflashed and have been solid for weeks.

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    Default Re: Lock screen missing and can't use phone

    This has happened to me and a couple of other users here. I htink all i did was a battery pull, and a reboot, and it was working. If not, then a nandroid restore did the trick. Actually this happened to me twice, i believe while running bamf 2.1 remix or an earlier sense 3.0 RC or preview.

    I agree with fotd that a data wipe, clear cache and dalvik, and format system - then flash the same rom or a different rom - will also do the trick.
    Seems like you'll have to go that route without a backup to restore.
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    Default Re: Lock screen missing and can't use phone

    This happened to me also using bamf 3.0 rc3 you have to wipe and reinstall ROM sorry
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    Default Re: Lock screen missing and can't use phone

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert90262 View Post
    This happened to me also using bamf 3.0 rc3 you have to wipe and reinstall ROM sorry
    I had to wipe everything including data, cache, system, dalvik and re-flash. To make matters worse, I didn't have a current Ti-Backup, a Nandroid or anything, and my market links must be broken because none of my apps re-downloaded, so I had to download 50+ apps . I had just gotten the ROM the way I wanted it and was going to do my nandroid after a couple of more tweaks.
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    Default Re: Lock screen missing and can't use phone

    The first thing I do after flashing a Rom is make a backup now I know it's to late but remember in your future flashing. There have been a bunch of times when setting up my new Rom I will remove apps using root explorer and completely screw up the Rom and require a full wipe so making extra backups will pay off. Sorry to hear about your mess but just make sure your learn from it and it will only make better
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