So, about 4 months ago, I got tired of certain apps not being available for my phone (primarily a decent screenshot app) and decided to root my phone. I used the all-in-one tool, which was absolutely slick and completely easy. I stuck with the stock ROM, and aside from offloading a couple of bloatware apps, I kept things pretty much as before. Then about 60 days ago, my battery life started getting terrible. I mean, downright abysmal. 4-5 hours tops before it was toast. And the device itself felt like it was running "warm" all the time. I also started to experience frequent data connection drops.

I tried the usual tricks: reboot, battery pull, battery and SIM card pull, but it still was terrible. I bought the Seido slim extended battery and eked another hour or two at most. Last Friday, I used the all-in-one to un-root and return to "true" VZW stock. And just like that, bam! Battery life is now double -- maybe even triple -- what it was just a week ago. I'm running all the same apps as before, and I'm in the same location as before, not using WiFi any more than normal.

What the heck???