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    Default First time root

    Wow, now I feel stupid because I was afraid of rooting. It's so easy and running LiquidSmooth-ICS-v1.5-MR3, it's like I just got a new phone. I got sick of waiting for the Verizon update. thanks everyone for the tutorials.
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    Default Re: First time root

    Back when I rooted my Thunderbolt, it still had to be done using Command Prompt! Cory's guide was flawless so it wasn't difficult, but it took a lot more than one click and 2 minutes :P

    Congratulations though! Hard to imagine how you went so long without taking the plunge now, huh? xD

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    Default Re: First time root

    same here, got tired of waiting for the ICS release from VZW, so I took a few days earlier this week and rooted my TB.
    Running the same ROM and I mirror the sentiment. It's like a new phone, freaking amazing. My wife loves my phone now, so I'm looking to root her Charge lol

    The tutorials were spot on.
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    Default Re: First time root

    Congrats guys. It really does breathe new life into this phone. Have fun with it!

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    Default Re: First time root

    My upgrade just became available with Verizon but after running this rom, hell no. I'll wait for something good to come along, hopefully the SG4.

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