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    Default No ICS?!? The Horror!

    Well, looks like its official.

    Samsung Galaxy S Phones Ice Cream Sandwich Update

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    Default Re: No ICS?!? The Horror!

    Screw Samsung, I've been running ICS on my mesmerize for a week now.
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    Default Re: No ICS?!? The Horror!

    would you mind explaining the detailed process which you used to install ICS on your phone?

    I would greatly appreciate it since I am getting sick of stock-UNrooted 2.3.4 and I am looking for something else, even if it's just getting Nexus S type stock 2.3.6(or whatever the last update was for gingerbread).

    By that I mean getting a fluid Android and apps experience and no freaking stuttering apps or browsing.
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    I am interested in finding this out as well... I had thought about getting the Aviator but the specs are nearly identical to the Mesmerize except for processor and screen size. There are a lot of things in ICS I would really like to have.
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    Default Re: No ICS?!? The Horror!

    I think Perky69 was just trolling. Mmeh.

    Anyways, I did some research and I think I might try something I really wanted some half a year ago, Cyanogenmod. I see that it's now supported as of late last year and fully functional.

    Just google Cyanogenmod Mesmerize. Now, if I could only find a solid way to pure 2.3.5+

    I'll comeback here and post about my Cyano-experience, and if I find something else close to what I'm looking for.

    I had in mind the Aviator for a few days, the itch of jumping to the 4G train had me almost waist my now available-by-points upgrade. But not anymore and I am just gonna wait, I think I rather get the SGSII than the Aviator. If only SGSII was 4G and/or GSM.

    Will be making a new thread (if there's non) for the Cyanogenmod posts.
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    Default Re: No ICS?!? The Horror!

    Head on over to rootzwiki and check out aokp. It's a custom ICS rom that runs really well on the mesmerize. I have been running it for over a month and it runs great. There's several other ICS roms over there for the mesmerize.

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