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    Default samsung calendar app reminders not working

    I am using the samsung stock calendar app for appointments and such and i have set reminders for these. Sometimes they go off and sometimes they don't. i have 2 set for 9am this morning and they didn't go off. Has anyone else run into this and or have a solution. I wonder if android os is not running the process in RAM since it is not always used. This is just a guess as I know some about android os but am no where near an expert. Is there a way to make the correct process (which I am not sure what service that is) to always load like Touchwiz does? Any help would be appreciated as reminders are very important for work meetings.
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    Default Re: samsung calendar app reminders not working

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and have similar problems. Calendar event reminders do not consistently go off. I have monitored the calendar and they usually do, but since they are inconsistent it is quite disconcerting. Have you found any solution? I have wondered if there is a setting that only allows them to go off between certain hours that, hopefully, the user can modify, but have not found such settings yet.

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