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    Default Broken Screen, Pass Code = Locked Files

    I use my phone at work to take photos of jobs to submit for billing. Last night when I was out I droped my phone breaking the scree, well the screen is visiable but there is no touch sense in it at all. I have the phone password protected so all my files are locked when I just plug the phone into the computer until I unlocked it. Since the screen touch sensor doesn't work I can't access the files. I obviously know the password for my phone does anyone have a program that they know of or a way to access the files. I need about 40 photos on it to submit to get paid for the work.

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    Default Re: Broken Screen, Pass Code = Locked Files

    Hi Andy, I experienced exactly the same problem and I am stuck for a solution. I was therefore wondering whether you found one. Thank you and best regards, Nico
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    Default Re: Broken Screen, Pass Code = Locked Files

    Kies Air would give you access via Web browser, but you would have to get the app running on the phone first.

    Is bluetooth turned on? You could try a bluetooth keyboard, although pairing might still require getting to the setup screen.
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    Default Re: Broken Screen, Pass Code = Locked Files

    Maybe hook it up to a tv using video out/hdmi out cable?

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