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    Default SCH-R530 recognized as SCH-I535 Verizon after root fail..

    Galaxy S3 rooted fine and one day decided to flash stock rom. Everything went well and I updated to 4.3 and use that for awhile. Well I decided later that I wanted to root again. Again everything went well except for the SU access. So after a bunch of 'I don't know what' and a little flashing of 'who knows what' my U.S. cellular Galaxy S3 is now SCH-I535 Verizon. It's supposed to be SCH-R530. Any flashing from anything U.S. cellular such as roms is a fail. Kies-Fail. Samsung recovery tool-Fail. I would like to get back to SCH-R530 if anyone can help. Right now running 4.3.1 Pac-Rom with CWM 6 using ODIN 3.07
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    Default Re: SCH-R530 recognized as SCH-I535 Verizon after root fail..

    Welcome to Android Central
    I'm assuming it's because you flashed the stock ROM for the VZW S3 by accident. That's why it registers as the i535. Did you make a backup of the stock ROM before flashing PacMan?
    Everything in this post is 100% accurate...I think

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