My contract with sprint has just expired (finally!!!) and I am ready to get to a network with decent service and data speeds (In my area Sprint has neither of these) and I'm open to either AT&T or VZW.

I was 100% gonna go with the DNA until I saw the anemic 11 gigs available storage , and that really makes me hesitant, as I have a 16 gig SD in my galaxy s1 and it is packed to the gills, with virtually no music or videos.

I also like the specs on the One X+, 64 gig on board is almost too much , the screen difference doesn't seem to be huge, I'm more worried about 1 gig of ram. Side note: Why won't HTC put these all these great specs into one phone to rule them all??!!?!? Oh well, if wishes were wing pigs would fly. so my question is this:

Is the difference in ram between the two noticeable? What about the difference in screen size and resolution?

I am prepared to attempt to live with the 11 gigs on the DNA, albeit not happily if I hear that the other features are worth that sacrifice or not.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!