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    Default No SD card slot? I can live..

    I plan on picking up a DNA on launch day. I have been contemplating it because of lack of SD card but here is what I came to conclusion of.

    Now a days most of us have another device . I have a n7 and iPad mini. I don't need to put everything on a phone.. I plan on putting some of my favorite songs but I'll live with Google music, Sirius , and others. I found music is the most I have on my phone . Other stuff is wallpapers, text sounds, ROMs I have saved for flash pjrposing when I'm bored and ect. Pictures I transfer from time to time to be safe if something was to happen to my SD card.

    Its great to swap things out but I think that their are more pros for this phone then cons.. the nexus line sells well and the latest generation phone only has 16gb and people didn't hesitate to get a n7 16gb either.

    11gb when all is said and done is not much but being as savoy as we are and smart I think most of could find a way to make it work. If not for nothing we keep things clean and not have as much junk we might have sitting on a SD card that we use time to time.

    My opinion just thought I would share

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    Default Re: No SD card slot? I can live..

    You most likely right that I could find a way by using spottily/netlfix or other streaming apps, but I have all the music already on my own, so why should have to pay to listen to music I already own or use my up data limit. They sold this phone has a multimedia superphone and hi def tv shows can be maybe a gig on there own. I am not complaining about more storage but a SD card slot would not have cost them anything, they did not have to include a card and that would have made people alot happier. I just think someone should have use common sense.

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