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12-04-2012 12:03 AM
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    Cool NFC Q&A

    Ok so this is my 1st Verizon phone with NFC and i love it for sharing pics and apps and Video. I even spent the extra $45 my cost and got the Belkin NFC HD music Streamer.( it hooks into your Home sound system and allows you to stream music right to your home sound system.

    My question is....
    In the GS3 adds they use there NFC to send Music play lists to one another.....

    How can we do that on the DNA???????
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    Default Re: NFC Q&A

    At its core, the S3 uses "S Beam," a modified version of Android Beam. Android Beam was introduced in 4.0, and allows for transmission of small amounts of data via NFC. Check out this and this for info on Android Beam.

    Samsung created "S Beam" based off of "Android Beam" creative name, no? and added an important capability in the process. Android Beam exclusively uses NFC to transmit data. S Beam uses NFC to establish a WiFi-Direct (see this and this) connection between the two devices, which allows much larger pieces of data to be transmitted.

    Long story short, you can do this on the DNA with other NFC-enabled Android devices if both devices have NFC turned on in Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > NFC. However, you will not have all of the functionality that the S3 does, as stock Android Beam is limited to the transmission capabilities of NFC.
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    Default Re: NFC Q&A

    I find it much easier to just use the Bluetooth sharing between DNAs ...

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