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    Default Odd Single Band Wifi behaviour selecting 5ghz or 2.4 ghz only

    My home infrastructure includes two linksys/cisco ES model wireless routers, I run them 'bridged' for extension. They both have dual band 5ghz /2.4 ghz channels. I decided to try just setting the DNA to the 5ghz, well it was really odd... wifi would turn on/off the icon would blink then on/off over and over. It would never lock on and the Wifi would continue to turn itself off. I returned it back to 'auto' which I am taking as self selecting and all was fine.. If anyone else has a chance to try this, please post here. It's something that should work but for me like many I can certainly keep it in auto. Just surprised as I've been very happy with the phone so far, and this by no means is a deal breaker.. As a Note: I'm able to connect just fine with my laptops to only the 5ghz band.
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    Default Re: Odd Single Band Wifi behaviour selecting 5ghz or 2.4 ghz only

    I had the same issue but i was selecting 2.4ghz only.. auto worked fine but specifying one band made it go all wonky

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