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    Default DNA Randomly shuts down

    Is anyone else having this issue? Randomly, and one to three times a day, I will pull out my Droid DNA and find it shut off. Not sleeping, FULL OFF. I have to press/holdl the power button for 20 seconds to get the unit to turn on. Not out of power (that's what I initially thought, it was just getting drained), in fact today it shut itself off, and when I turned it back on it had 64% battery.

    Anyone? Ideas?

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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    What ROM is on the unit?
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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    never had that issue. I'm running all stock.

    from my DNA
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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    Take it in for a warrantee replacement.

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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    You know, I think I've woke up a few times to mine being off with a charge. I thought I was going crazy or not hitting the power button hard enough. Still not entirely sure. I will keep an eye out for it.

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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    @RLGL1 - I have no idea what ROM is on the unit. How would I know?
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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    Quote Originally Posted by wadeaberry View Post
    @RLGL1 - I have no idea what ROM is on the unit. How would I know?
    Since you're not sure you're running the stock OS software on your DNA. Meaning you haven't installed any modified system software. At least that's my bet

    Could just be a minor glitch, the best thing you could do for now since you're running stock is just reboot the phone. Have you done that already?

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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    I would send it in for a replacement.
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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    yes, me too. I have to find a power source just to turn it back on. But it has a full battery..
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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    I know this is an old thread, but this started happening to me as well. I am stock, running 4.2.2.

    It appears to occur in spots where there are dead or very weak spots in coverage (3G or 4G). I was in a store the other day and it actually turned off on me when I "woke" the screen to show the clerk a coupon I had. It would not turn on until I brought it home and plugged it in.

    Will see what Verizon says...
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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    Yes happen to me twice today, stock ,update never happened before. Possibly bad battery? I have 11 more months to go with this phone.
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    Default Re: DNA Randomly shuts down

    Bringing back the old thread again, but better than starting a redundant new one, eh?
    Mine has been doing this more and more. Stock 4.2.2, always has been stock (decided to not root this one from the start). I have been dreading doing a factory reset, mainly because i still had the old google currents app and didn't want to lose it- newsstand is awful. But, anyway, it started powering off randomly a while back, maybe once every two days. The pace has increased to being at least six times a day. The weird part is, when I plug it into a charger, for one to three minutes it just flashes what looks like an empty battery icon..and then, finally, the actual battery percentage will appear. Only then will it power back on.
    So I finally did the reset, but it's done it again twice since then. It almost seems to me that the battery is becoming "unmounted" for lack of a better term- or at least the phone thinks it has no battery sometimes.
    I called V tech support and they are sending me a refurb. We'll see how that goes. But, for me, this issue has been un-fixable besides just trying another device. It's a shame, I've taken really good care of it.
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