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    Question Can't Get *&^X@# Video off this Phone

    I took several videos with the phone including one that is longish (5 min). Then I hooked up the phone to my desktop and went into the DCIM file to move the vids to my hard drive. I can't share the long one as the file is too large and I need to compress it on the desktop.

    The short files moved over. The longer file malfunctions. It moves the audio but not the video.

    Also, the HTC desktop driver malfunctions and don't install. The Sync Manager is equally impossible to manage and doesn't work. Had to uninstall both.

    I simply want to just copy the vid file from the phone to the desktop. It's so basic this seems ridiculous.

    All suggestions welcome.

    Additionally, I definitely have mixed emotions about this phone in terms of its functionality.

    On a recent cross-country trip I used the Google maps to navigate. The phone rocked.

    But it hates videos. Downloads are sometimes a nightmare. And it has numerous other small issues. While I'm on a call it will pull up and play an ad or switch to another app. The phone directory, such a basic, is weird. The groups feature is excellent but the Favorites will only dial one number -- not give options so what's the point? Makes me wonder if anyone who designs the OS actually uses the phone.

    My old HTC Iceberg had a button on the front that made it function like Siri on an iphone. Press and say call so and so. On the DNA I have to navigate to the screen where the Google voice icon is, then touch that and it malfunctions. Much less efficient than an older model.

    I've had this phone less than a year and I'm ready to trade it in. Waiting to see what the new iphones offer. I'm keeping it because I love the size, weight and screen quality. But the overall functionality is not there -- which I suppose it hasn't caught on. Shame really.
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    Default Re: Can't Get *&^X@# Video off this Phone

    Give this a shot. It's what I use when things are bing finicky.

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    Default Re: Can't Get *&^X@# Video off this Phone

    I use Airdroid. It works great, if you have with available.

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    Default Re: Can't Get *&^X@# Video off this Phone

    Wow, Phil thanks. That worked perfectly. Do you find it to be secure?
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    Default Re: Can't Get *&^X@# Video off this Phone

    Little update. The WiFi app transfer worked perfectly.

    The video downloaded -- but only as an audio file. So still no video. I've never had this happen with any other device.
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    Default Re: Can't Get *&^X@# Video off this Phone

    Update and FYI - This phone evidently records video in HD at 1080p. It was transferred to my desktop -- so fast thanks to Phil's WIFI explored -- but than could not be viewed as usual. It required Quick Time, even on the desktop. To share, I uploaded it to Vimeo which then informed me that 1080p is not good for sharing. They compressed it to 720p. They are excellent and I couldn't see any difference in the quality.
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    Default Re: Can't Get *&^X@# Video off this Phone

    You can also change the quality of the video in the camera settings. This may help depending on what you are going to eventually do with the video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Nickinson View Post
    Give this a shot. It's what I use when things are bing finicky.

    I wasn't able to connect to my phone using this app. Yes, I'm on the same Network, yes I confirmed that I typed the IP properly. Any tips?
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