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    Default Want to a newbie and a little clueless.

    Decided to root my Droid DNA for all the good stuff that comes as a result. I've done a lot of research and all the guides I've come across assume that the user already knows a lot about this kind of stuff, which I don't. There's all this talk about kernals, moonshine, and S-OFF.

    Basically, I want to root but don't want to brick my device. I'm on a mac (and have read that being on one changes the rooting process). So far I have looked at this,
    and this, but don't really know where to go from here.

    It's a shame that there isn't a step-by-step guide for people like me. I can't be the only clueless one here, right?

    I'm interested in trying to get sense 5 on my DNA, but right now just want to make it so that I can remove all the stock crap, customize it, and be able to control it more.
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    Default Re: Want to a newbie and a little clueless.

    The moonshine method is pretty straightforward. Just follow the steps at Even though you have a Mac, I think you can use a Linux Live CD.

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    Default Re: Want to a newbie and a little clueless.

    Where do I download the drivers from??
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    Default Re: Want to a newbie and a little clueless.

    Quote Originally Posted by ryanfoley613 View Post
    Where do I download the drivers from??
    They come on your phone well for windows anyway

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