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    Default Missing E Drive

    I'm not a computer guy, my girlfriend bought me the HTC Droid DNA for christmas due manly to the fact that I had distroyed the screen finally on my HTC Incredible 2. The phone was purchased from the manager of a verizon store on the side. He had already rooted the phone, S-off, and was running Viper DNA. I being as snoopy as I am unwittedly down loaded a sweeper that completely wiped my E: driver from my phone. I can boot into boot loader and TWIC v2.5.0.0 is currently on my phone. I am learning a lot trying to figure this out but would very much like to learn while using my phone. Can anyone please help a novice fix this problem.
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    Welcome to the forums.
    I can't offer much help as I am unfamiliar with HTC devices. But:
    Can you reboot into recovery and perhaps restore the backup that may be there?

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    That was my hope as well a month ago. Unfortunately the back up was gone as well. Thanks for the help though appreciate it.

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