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    Default Droid DNA: battery or motherboard problem?

    Hello guys I want your help a little bit

    I have a Droid DNA and suddenly the phone has turned off for no reason, when I turned it on again, it frezees in HTC boot logo "blablabla development blablabla) and restarts and it keeps in a bootloop, I can enter into fastboot, so I put it on to charge it, and 15 minutes LATER, i tried to turn it on again, no luck, so i put it into usb mode, and booted and it can boot normally, but when I quit the usb the phone turn it off and goes again in this crazy bootloop, also I cannot enter into the recovery mode (I installed TWRP and tried to enter but it freezes into in blue logo), and again I put USB on (No charger) and it enters, I flash a ROM and reboot, but when I disconnect USB CORD (NOT CHARGER) it turn off and again comes the bootloop crap, so I think its the battery but I opened the phone and I dont see a sign of battery death (like inflated) so I dont know if its a battery problem or a motherboard problem? What should I do? buy the battery or have a nice red brick? help me please.

    Sorry for bad english Im not American.
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    Default Re: Dna battery or motherboard problem?

    Somebody helppp
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    Default Re: Dna battery or motherboard problem?

    I'd love to help, but I'm not sure what the problem is. Has the phone ever worked? Did it start having the problems after you flashed a ROM? The fact that it's going into a bootloop makes me think you might have a corrupt ROM that you're flashing. Have you tried flashing a different ROM or returning it to the stock ROM? You're probably doing it, but be sure to do a complete wipe before flashing the next ROM. Wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik (if the DNA uses the same language as the Thunderbolt. Sorry, I rooted and ROM'd the hell out of my Thunderbolt but haven't felt the need to do it with the DNA.). If you've done this, or the equivalent of this, with a different ROM, then at least we can rule that out as the cause of your problems.

    Do you have insurance on the phone? Since you say you're not American, am I right to assume you're not using it on Verizon? If not, then I think your only option is to try getting a new battery and see if it fixes the problem cause if it's the motherboard, or something else, you'll probably be out of luck.

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