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    Default Turn off speaker when using a bluetooth

    Has anyone found an app that will turn off the phones speaker when you turn on the bluetooth.? It would be nice so that the people around you will not hear the ringtone or other announcements of incoming calls or messages.
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    Default Re: Turn off speaker when using a bluetooth

    That sounds odd--if you're using a Bluetooth headset for a call, then the external speaker should automatically deactivate anyway. Notification tones should come through the Bluetooth headset. Is that not happening?
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    Default Re: Turn off speaker when using a bluetooth

    I have had intermittent issues with that for a while. The firmware update helped a lot, but I still have issues when using an A2DP BT set. Non-A2DP sets seem to work fine.
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    Default Re: Turn off speaker when using a bluetooth

    Yes the phone call come only through the bluetooth but all the notices come through both.
    What non a2dp bluetooth worked but does it still announce to the bluetooth ?
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    Default Re: Turn off speaker when using a bluetooth

    I don't have mine set to announce so I don't know about that. the headset I use now was free with the purchase o my wife's BT visor unit and that only cost $20! So this is a VERY cheap BT headset. It works and the $100 Jawbone I bought (one of four different expensive sets that don't work) doesn't. go figure...

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