About a year ago my boss added me to his contract, giving me a new HTC incredible. When I did not become his GF (ugh) he decided the bill was too expensive, even though I was paying my portion of the bill. He tried to convince me that $90 a mo for one phone was cheaper than two phones at $160/2, jerk. Anyways, after two months, he did not pay the bill and the service was disconnected. For a little while I was able to use the phone over wifi, than he paid his portion of the bill and mine suddenly froze, shut down and never worked again. It is dead, completely dead does not even charge, no light when I plug it into a charger or usb.

Is there any way to unbrick this phone, if it is bricked, or is it just a paperweight now. Somebody told me if I called verizon, they would unbrick it if I explained the situation, is this true?