I have an ASUS RT-N66U with wireless set to N-only in 2.4ghz. I don't use the phone much anymore, since it's deactivated, but I've noticed that, after some time (about an hour or so) of idle, the wireless will no longer communicate. What I mean by this is, it still shows a strong signal in the task bar, but nothing seems to be transmitted (i.e., loading a web page shows it can't connect). I cannot ping the device either. The solution is to re-connect to the AP.

I also noticed that, if the "best wifi performance" option is enabled, I no longer have this problem and the connection stays solid even after idle. Obviously, I'd like to keep this off to save battery.

Is there any reason why this is happening? I've tried forgetting the AP and re-adding it. I don't believe I have this issue when connecting to my Linksys WRT610 in mixed mode (with best wifi disabled). I know this used to work before. Also, no other 2.4ghz wifi devices have this issue at all. It seems to be something between the INC 2 and my ASUS router. Thanks.