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    Default Odd battery question

    I have the original Inc. I bought a couple of 1800mah batteries. I was wondering if they would fit/work in the Inc2?
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    I have the same battery.
    It fits the Evo and the Touch Pro 2 as well. you could email HTC Express and ask them.
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    I just bought the inc2 and the battery sort of fits.
    You have to flip the battery over to make the connections meet.
    To make it fit perfectly, you'll need to file off the tabs on the bottom. (see pics)
    But the phone does turn on and it works!

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    Yikes. I'd be wary of doing that. =/
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    you want it to fit properly
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    Quote Originally Posted by mturco View Post
    Yikes. I'd be wary of doing that. =/
    why would you be warry of filing the plastic tabs off of the battery?
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    thecitywelivein...Thank you VERY much for the info. I would be very nervous of doing that but thank you for showing that it can be done and it works. Right now I think I'm going to hold out. I got a little too excited when I found out I'm available for an upgrade. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for something like the HTC Sensation to come to Verizon but I'm not holding my breath.
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    Default Inc battery in the Inc2

    Quick question: After shaving the plastic off and putting the Inc battery in the Inc2, does the cover fit without any problems? Just want to confirm my presumption.

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