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    Post Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved


    I have the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE that came pre-installed with AccuWeather's weather app. It also has the accuweather clock widget. This is the widget that has stopped working - the app all together has stopped working. I noticed October 3rd that it no longer updated. It still says October 2, 2013 with that day's high and low temperatures.

    Usually, on the "Now" tab at the bottom of the screen for the app, it has the current temperature, the temperature for that evening, and the temperature for the following morning. However, it now only has the day's temperature for Oct 2, the evening temperature for Oct 2, and an empty block. On the "Hourly" tab, it states that it is unable to display any data and to refresh.
    The "4-day" forecast shows the current temperature for Oct 2 and empty blocks at the bottom where the next four days should be listed. It also has at the bottom of each screen a refresh symbol and Sept 24, 2013 - whatever that indicates.

    Today is October 8, 2013. Below are screen shots for clarification:

    Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved-1-001.jpg Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved-2-001.jpg Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved-3-001.jpg

    What it says when I try to update (with wifi on - connection is good because I can search the net) :

    Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved-4-001.jpg

    What I have done to try to fix it:

    1. "remove widget and replace widget" to reset it - Did not work
    2. "Restart your device" - Did not work
    3. "Shut off device; remove battery for at least 30 seconds" - Did not work
    4. "Check for app updates" - Checked - doesn't show up in my apps on GooglePlay since it's a preinstalled app.
    5. "Turn off 'Background Data Restriction' on mobile data "- Did not work
    6. "Turn on wifi, not data" - Did not work
    7. "Turn on your location services" - I have had them off since I got my phone; turned them on, but it still did not fix problem (even though it worked fine before with them off)
    8. "Remove your locations and re-add them to force it to update" - Did not work
    9. "Access weather using the app, not the widget" - No difference.
    10. "Try a different widget that has weather" - Did not work; no difference
    11. "Use wifi at a different location" - Tried. Connected to wifi at work, home, friends' homes, public access places. Did not work
    12. "Manually refresh the app with the refresh button" - Did that. Did not work (duh lol)

    13. "Force stop on both widget and app; clear data" - Did not work ((Thank you IncredibleBlue))

    I cannot uninstall this app as it came pre-installed on the device ((I truly wish I could delete some things that came on it that are utterly pointless, but that is irrelevant)).

    The widget stopped working, obviously, on Oct 2. It is now Oct 8 and the issue has not been resolved. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this issue? I would be truly appreciative and willing to try anything else. Thank you, in advance.

    --Problem has been solved. Thank you for your help!
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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating

    Try force closing and clearing data for both the weather app and the weather widget.

    Settings -> apps -> all apps tab

    Find weather (and weather widget)
    Force stop. Clear data.

    You will need to re-set up your locations and settings for both.

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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating

    Thank you for the suggestion. I did a force stop and cleared data on both the weather app and the weather widget. However, when I restarted the app, there were no changes.
    I also forced them to stop and restarted my device. It is still displaying the same as the images in the initial post. I truly appreciate your help in the matter, though.
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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating

    Your issue seems really strange. By any chance did to install any new apps around the time the weather info stopped updating?

    It sounds like something is blocking the app from accessing the update site.

    Do you have a firewall or some other security app installed?

    As a reference point, my weather widget and app are working just fine.

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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating

    The only security app I have running on my device is Avast! Mobile. Which I installed the day I bought my phone on Oct 27, 2012. It has been working fine since that day. I checked to make sure no firewalls were set for the weather app - I actually have no firewalls enabled. Just scans to check for anything on incoming messages and URL's sent to my phone and for web browsing. As for apps installed on the day it quit working, I do not think so. I rarely download and install apps. I did not notice it had stopped working until the following weekend, around the 5th. So no...no new apps installed on that day. As for updates on currently installed apps, I am unsure. I have it set to only update when connected to wifi and I only turn wifi on every other week or unless I absolutely need it.
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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating

    After some minor poking around, it looks like Avast! has blocked legitimate sites in the past, including weather update sites (link). I also note that their app in the Play store was updated on 10/7/13. I can not find a revision history for the mobile product. I was hoping to see an update around the time you started to see the issue. I am not familiar with Avast, but does it have a "blocked" log? Maybe it is false-positive blocking the weather update site? A quick note to Avast support might let you know if others have the same issue with their latest update. Their forum is in the link above.

    Your error message points to the app not being able to connect to its update server, which is why I am thinking it is getting blocked somehow. Your other internet/data appears to be fine (email, internet, streaming music, etc.)?

    P.S. I'm assuming you're not rooted, but you can still disable the VZW bloatware. Look at my 1st reply to get to the Force Stop screen for the app, then click the "Disable" button to freeze the app. It will vanish from your app drawer (and not run) until you un-disable it in Settings->Apps->All (It will be listed at the bottom as "disabled").
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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating

    The only issue I am having with any connection (accessing internet, email, streaming) is gmail will not sync for some reason. I try to refresh the app to pull in new messages and it says "Couldn't sync" at the bottom of the screen. The newest email it lists is from Oct 4. That seems to be the last time it synced. Do you think the problems could be related?
    The mail app (which I have my university email connected to) works fine; pulls in messages as they come in. ((I just did a quick test to see if it was working)). As for watching videos and streaming music, internet connection and data work fine.

    I did a force stop on Avast! to see if it was the cause of the problem. It is still unable to update on mobile data and on wifi. I am still getting the same results.
    I also checked for a "blocked" list in Avast!; there is none. I have not activated any firewalls or blocks with it. I merely use it to just scan incoming messages and webpages that I visit (as far as I can tell from the settings).

    As for the VZW Bloatware? I think you went over my head with that one. Please clarify? ((I searched my apps for anything with Verizon or VZW in the name but got nothing that looked related...?))

    I have heard the term "rooted" in a few of my apps, especially Avast!, but I have not done anything with it since I am unfamiliar with it.
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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved

    I am still at a loss for your issue. I don't suppose it is working now?

    VZW bloatware is the junk apps pre-installed by Verizon when you got your phone. Things like the Golf game (demo), the NFL app, etc. They are the ones you can not delete and just take up space. Unless you're rooted, the best you can do is disable them so they don't show up in your app drawer, and presumably don't sit in the background.

    Rooting is the process by which you first unlock the bootloader/file system on your phone and install a "Superuser" app which will allow you (and some apps) to access device level areas of the phone. It is not advisable if you don't know what you're doing. It can lead to a very expensive paperweight... But there are advantages, too, like being able to completely remove the bloatware, back up apps, roll back to working versions of apps (if a new version doesn't work, or the new features or UI are horrible). You can also install different ROMs that will give you a totally different interface, or simply tweak things to improve your experience..

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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved

    In the UK we have had a problem for 3 years! The android app does not see the change from British Summer time back to GMT.

    I have tried everything, clearing data and cache, turning wifi and GPS off and on, resetting town zone, nothing works.

    Now I have turned app off and turning it back on does not work so by by weather.

    Help need please as Accuweather seem incapable of providing this :-(

    Incidentally, why is this problem showing as solved when clearly it is not, not for this user nor for us in the UK!
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    Wink Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved

    Dear Friends,
    I was having the exact same problem with Accuweather not updating. As of March 14, my Galaxy Tab 3 was still reading Jan 1 2014. Also, when I tried to get my gmail on my galaxy, I would get "no connection." I'm happy to report that the problem has been resolved by simply going into "settings" and changing the date and time to the current date and time. Everything began to automatically update. I hope this works for you.
    Thanked by:
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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved

    I'm having the same problem since last week. Have an HTC One. Can you please let me know how you solved your problem?
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    Default Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved

    For reply #10

    That's it! Thanks for this, I don't know when I turned this off on my galaxy S5, but weather is working again. For me, it wasn't updating over wifi, until I turned auto sync date time back on.
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    Smile Re: Accuweather Widget No Longer Updating - Problem Solved

    I have this problem on my Samsung galaxy recently I don't know if your problem has been solved but it was the problem of DNS on my device if you are using a router then change your routers DNS to and in next its google DNS and its safe and you can change it directly from your phone too just go to your selected wifi network touch it and hold and in modify network config.< show advance option< in ip setting change DHCP to static and change your DNS to above said DNS servers in there but don't change anything else
    (NOTE: this solution is for a wifi connection only )

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