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    Default Who's switched from a Droid?

    Played with an incredible at the store today and liked a lot about it but was disappointed in the screen resolution. It looked almost too pixely compared to my Droid. Has anyone who made the switch found the resolution difficult to adjust to? I do quite another of ebook reading and don't want to have eye strain. Thanks!
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    I sold my Droid yesterday and made the switch, I love the screen. No problems with resolution here
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    Switched from the droid.

    It's not really "pixely", that effect is a result of the cheap AMOLED display. Instead of having a full 3 subpixels, you only get two, and you borrow the 3rd from a neighbor. This means you'll see some "blurring" as that 3rd pixel is borrowed.

    I adjusted though. The high contrast and vibrance more than makes up for it

    To be fair, we were warned about this. Displaymate said that the Droid's display was "technically superior" and they were right. But I'm willing to live with the AMOLED Display's faults in favor of having an overall superior device.
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    I also had a Moto Droid, and love the Incredible so far! Alot of folks say the DI has the same screen as the Nexus One, but its not. Here is a quote I dug up.

    "In Google Nexus One which has been selected for comparison, Synaptics ClearPad 2000 screen is used, while Incredible is equipped with Atmel maXTouch mxt224 screen, which is superior by several parameters. Among them are unlimited number of recognizable touches and high speed of response – up to 4ms."

    The more I research says the Atmel is just the touchscreen controller that has 224 nodes, and the clearpad 3000 controller has 48 nodes.

    From Atmel:

    Atmel will exhibit their maXTouch mXT224 capacitive touchscreen controller at the 2010 International CES.
    The maXTouch mXT224 capacitive touchscreen controller also has been named an International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.
    The mXT224 is the first capacitive touchscreen solution able to support the touch of a finger, stylus or fingernails for drawing or signature capture and character recognition.

    It is, according to Atmel, so sensitive that it can even detect touches from a user that has gloves on.
    It has 224 nodes that allow it to accurately report the positions of unlimited, simultaneous touches and can completely rescan the screen every 4/1000 of a second (4 mS) to give the user an instant response. Atmel's mXT224 also includes fast performance to make it the world's first touchscreen solution suitable for advanced touch screen functionality, such as rejection of unintended touches, stretch/pinch and rotate gestures, handwriting and shape recognition on mobile phones, mobile Internet devices (MID) and Netbook screens surpassing 10 inches.

    Apperantlly they won some Awards at CES 2010 for it, so i'm not sure how "CHEAP" it is. Who knows?
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    I had a Moto Droid, and I gave it to my wife. I like both the phones a lot. I went with the Incredible because I wanted the speed and home screens. But the Droid did have a crisper screen, and, frankly, I prefer vanilla Android, especially the contacts/dialer/text messaging apps. I'm also not really interested in downloading alternatives like Handcent. But so far I really like the snappiness of the Incredible and think it's an ok trade.
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    i had a moto droid, sold it cause i had to have the inc and ive gotta say for the first day..the screen has bothered me but im sure i will get over it because the screen really isnt even bad at all. its super fast and that more then makes up for it.
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    I switched from the Motorola Droid and although I loved that phone, I won't go back to it. The speed at which the Incredible runs is amazing and I type well enough with the HTC keyboard that I have no use for the physical keyboard of the Moto (I didn't feel the stock Android keyboard is as good as HTC's). Sense seems pretty cool so far and the camera on the Incredible blows away the one on the Moto Droid.
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    the Incredible's screen is both better and worse than the droid's screen. i do own both phones.

    power use:
    Inc > Moto Droid.... the Inc's screen uses A LOT less power. battery life for me has been great. i had the battery usage for the display showing 10% after 6 hours of being unplugged with the screen being on 1/3rd of the time.

    resolution/text clarity:
    the moto droid has a slightly higher resolution, and text on the moto droid did look a bit more crisp and sharp. the Inc still looks amazing when it comes to photo's and video.

    touchscreen response/speed:
    the Inc owns the moto droid here. much much much better touchscreen response, resolution, and speed. it's much quicker and much more accurate.

    i'll keep my Inc.
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    Went from Droid to Incredible but keeping my Droid too.
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    I got the Droid on 4/14, hated the keyboard, hated the volume buttons... got my Incredible this morning and LOVE IT. prior to android I had a Voyager.
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    Had a Droid for two weeks. Hated the sliding mechanism. Traded for my incredible today so far I love the incredible. Didn't really notice a difference in the screens. Both are nice phones but this incredible runs so much faster than the Droid.
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    Sold my Droid last weekend, getting my Incredible (got an incredible deal - let's just say it was BNIB, $55 off retail w/ free shipping) sometime early next week. So stoked for this phone.
    VZW Droid Incredible. <3 me some Sense UI.
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    Sold my droid on ebay and got the incredible. Had no need for the keyboard and the weight and sliding mechanism that came with it. No regrets at all. This phone is simply stellar!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by garment69 View Post
    Sold my droid on ebay and got the incredible. Had no need for the keyboard and the weight and sliding mechanism that came with it. No regrets at all. This phone is simply stellar!!
    Yea i agree with the weight issue too. The flipping droid was a brick!
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    HTC Incredible. Unrevoked Forever. CM7
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    Had a Droid for 2 weeks and never used the physical keyboard. The HTC virtual keyboard is much better than the stock Android 2.1 (updated the Droid manually) keyboard.

    The 4 keys on the bottom layout is different though and I often hit the wrong keys coming from a Droid.
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    Got my Motorola Droid on 3/31 with my two years up under uncertainty if anything else was going to come out. Got the Incredible the day it came out on 4/29, the end of my 30 day guarantee.. The return of the Moto accessories I got as part of a promotion more than covered the restocking fee.

    Wow, did I luck out! I loved the Droid, but didn't care so much for the weight or physical keyboard. The Incredible is just that, incredible!

    Also: This site is awesome, been following it for a few weeks now.
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    I have had the Droid and Eris and now I have the Incredible. I will not go back to the other phones. The Incredible has the best virtual keyboard out there..period. The size is right, it's all good. Bottom line, it's just Incredible.

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