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    Default Google syncs stopped with GB update

    One of the many issues that I've got with my Dinc since the Gingerbread update is that Google apps have stopped syncing to my phone. Any additions I make to my calendar on my phone get sync'd back to Google. But any updates made to Google Calendar do not get sync'd to the phone.

    When I go into "Accounts & sync" from the main Settings menu, it shows that everything under Google hasn't updated in almost a week. Clicking "Sync Now" has no effect.

    My phone is showing the "Low on space" indicator. App storage is sitting at about 45% (331MB used/417MB free). I've uninstalled all apps that I don't use. I keep clearing data out of apps, having to reconfigure all my apps every couple days is getting old. The next step I guess will be to start uninstalling apps that I don't use a lot. I hope newer HTC phones don't have this problem, its making my phone less and less usable. Ugh.

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    Nothing will sync until you get rid of the low space error.

    Clear out some apps like Facebook, google reader, anything that gets a lot of data. Move as many apps as you can to the sd card. Once the low space error goes away your account will sync.

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