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    Default A Couple of Questions

    On my Incredible when I am on the phone [99% of the time over bluetooth] I cannot get the screen to come on except for a split second. Like say I am on a call and I want to look up a contact, it is a huge PITA to get the screen to come on. I've tried the lock/power button and the optical. I have to shake the phone forward to get it to come on.

    The buttons on the desk clock. What do the buttons with the moon with the star and the computer with a clock in front of it do?

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    the proximity sensor takes a second or two to realize you don't have the phone to your ear. just wait and it should pop up.

    if you get too quick with the button pushing, basically the screen comes on, then sees you pushed the button, so it shuts, off, then turns on.

    the moon goes into a dim screen with just the clock showing and moving around (good for a bedside clock since it's not bright.

    the computer button goes into the same mode, but at whatever brightness the phone's screen was already set to. personally, i don't know why they have that mode there at all, seems pointless.
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