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    Default iPhone4 Bursts into Flames

    I just came across this article.

    And my favorite comment on there:
    Steve Jobs' reply will be: "Just Don't hold it while it's on fire!".

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    Holy crap!
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    Our phone gets put in a fire, and they still work. AND! we can hold them however we want.
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    I can seriously see that happening. My iPod 4th gen, got really hot after charging overnight once and after that the battery would no longer hold a charge. Since my unit was out of warranty, i ordered a replacement battery and once the cover was off i noticed that one of the chips had partially melted! I'm just glad it didnt start a fire while i was asleep.
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    Their sales pitch:
    Our phones are on fire!
    Our batteries are hotter than Seidio (sorry couldn't help)

    Iphone if held with a thimbal (sp?) and some asbestos will not cause any problems whatsoever.
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    "jeesus phone" Fire Proof case with built in revolutionary duct tape reception kit. Free mini fire extinguisher included if you order before midnight tonight! Not available in stores. Java not included. Call 1-800-iph-Jobs before they are sold out!
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    Default There's an app for that!

    Great, you can use your iFlame 4 to make Smores while camping this summer!
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    haha.. I larfed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sklemp View Post
    Our phone gets put in a fire, and they still work. AND! we can hold them however we want.
    Droid Does fire resistance.
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