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    Default Alarm clock problem.

    So I just got my incredible and am having issues with the alarm clock. It goes off as expected, but twice now I havent been able to turn it off. The slide down to turn off alarm clock never showed up and I couldn't turn the alarm off. Just today I received a phone call right before my alarm was supposed to go off. The conversation lasted untill after the alarm set time. After the call was ended, the alarm started going off again with no option to dismiss it. I tried going into the clock options and unchecking the alarm, tried deleting the alarm, and tried muting the phone. No luck. Had to reset the phone entirely. Please tell me there is some easy answer I just missed? Thanks.
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    While I have not had that specific issue, I have had some really odd "quirks" that so far (knock on wood here) have been resolved by a factory reset. That may not be what you want to hear, but if all else fails give it a shot.
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    hmm. was hoping it wouldnt come to that. I'll be giving that a try if no other solutions are presented.
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    I did a factory reset and didn't really want to. And the phone is faster and better than ever since I did it. I went from 2.1 to 2.2 and have never done a factory reset. I save all of my contacts as google contacts so once I sign in to my Google account it has all of my contacts anyway. You can even back up the apps. But I preferred to just re download them and maybe not get the ones I wasn't using this time around.

    I notice the phone is much faster than before. It didn't take long at all to get the apps back. I had it connected to a wifi connection and just went through getting all the apps I wanted. Less than 10 minutes.
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    Thanks for the tip. the new alarm app is working pretty good so far. Hopefully it stays that way

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