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    Default Charger falling out of port

    I've just had this problem pop up in the past few days but the charger cord is just dropping out of my Incredible pretty easily. Anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure if I should go in to Verizon or what. I've had the phone since the end of June.

    Thanks, allison.
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    Yeah mine does that as well. Little plastic thing that used to keep it snug fell off, and now i pops in and out quite easily.
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    I would take it back to Verizon and or call them and try to get a replacement.
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    I was thinking about taking it in the to the store but I didn't know if they replaced it if the screen would be different, or even if that would matter. I haven't been keeping up to date with the forums but when I was waiting for my phone to arrive there was a lot of talk about it.

    What do you guys think? Really my only reservation about attempting to get it replaced is if the screen is going to be lesser quality.
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    Sounds like the USB port is "broken" in that the spring that holds in the plug is either sprung or broken. Unfortunately you're looking at a replacement.

    Since you're at 4 months it should be covered under the 1 year warranty.

    I think I read somewhere that were replacing AMOLED with AMOLED where possible. Not sure where I read it though.

    Hope this helps.
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    Just thought I'd update. After a couple of days this went from a problem that I could easily deal with to a pain in the ****. It got the point where the chord would hardly stay in the phone, and any slight shift would make the phone unable to charge and I would have to readjust it on the table.

    I went into Verizon, showed them the problem and they're sending a new one. There was no line and I was in the store for 10 minutes tops for the whole process. Phone should arrive Monday I'm guessing/hoping.
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    Yeah I read also that if you orginally had an AMOLED screen they would send you AMOLED screen as its replacement as well, so I'm guessing thats what you will get .

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