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    Default silent boot

    does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of that
    annoying {{{{{{{DOID}}}}}}}} sound when the phone is turned on?

    I've heard of an app called Silent Boot, but not sure if it works on
    the Incredible.

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    If your rooted some Roms did away with it. I don't have it anymore and I am very happy about that.
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    I didn't understand anything you said.

    what is "rooted" and what is "Roms?"
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    Rooting is giving yourself "superuser" priveleges on your phone. Basically, you hack into your phone to download the "superuser" app. It allows you to use certain applications (such as Titanium Backup and ROM manager) and allows you to download custom ROMs, among other things. It's actually not very hard to do, but make sure you know what you're getting into before you do it.

    Virtuous ROM is a custom ROM that's very similar to the stock ROM on the phone. It has a few performance tweaks, some very minor UI changes, and it does away with the "DROID" sound. I've been using it for a while and I'm very pleased with it. I recommend it.

    Be advised: before you root, make sure you know how to unroot the phone in case you need to bring it in to a Verizon store. Rooting voids your warranty, so if you bring in a rooted phone for exchange or repair, it won't be accepted.
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    I like the notification makes me laugh
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    Your only other option without be rooted may be to put your phone on Vibrate or Silent prior to rebooting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw1134 View Post
    Your only other option without be rooted may be to put your phone on Vibrate or Silent prior to rebooting.
    Yes, Silent Boot app works on the Incredible, and it does exactly what ccw1134 suggests you do.

    This isn't a perfect solution, because if the phone crashes and reboots, the Silent Boot app doesn't have a chance to run and you'll get a DROOOOIIIIIDDDD!!! screaming from your pocket.

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