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    Default Too many apps = sluggish phone?

    If you have a ton of apps installed, does that normally lead to a sluggish phone? Thanks to Amazon and their daily free app, I currently have over 100 installed. And for the last month or so, my Incredible has been a little sluggish (sometimes the notification bar is a little unresponsive, occasional lag when typing a text, etc).

    A few things I should point out:
    • Most of my apps are installed on the SD card
    • I'm not short of space -- both the internal memory and the SD card are less than half full
    • I use a Task Killer widget. Not obsessively, but usually every few hours.

    But despite those caveats, is a long app list still a "phone killer"?

    P.S. -- I posted this same question on another Android forum, so for a few of you this question might seem like a repeat.
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    Just installing apps should not make your phone sluggish. There must be some app that you installed which is buggy - it might be running a background service that is taking up resources.

    Just the other day something similar happened to me. I went on manually stopping the apps (Settings->Applications I think) one by one until the phone was faster and found that DoggCatcher app and DoubleTwist service were the ones that were taking resources. After I stopped them the phone came back to normal.

    Try it out.
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    And remove Task Killer - it's probably killing system tasks that are auto-restarting.
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    Default Amazon Appstore Tip

    Although this does not answer your question, here's what I do to avoid hundreds of installed apps. When I see an "interesting" free app on Amazon, I "Get App", however, when it finishes downloading I cancel out of the installation. This way I get the app for free and I can try it out whenever I am ready to because it will add it to your apps and the "Install" option will become available.
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    Try clearing cache. That may fix your problem.
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    +1 for clearing cache. More likely a lot of text messages, twitter, news, email and such is slowing you down. +1 for getting rid of task killer. I have 122 apps installed and have never used a task killer. My phone runs like buttah.
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    clear cache on all apps, move all to SD card, and dont use any task killers. The OS knows how to take care of itself.

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