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    Default SD Card and Rebooting Issue

    Hi All I have a question. My Incredible (third one now) has been starting to just reboot, sometime going into serial reboot. I have noticed it happens a lot when I'm using the GPS and sometimes when using other apps like Sirus XM. I know the unit starts to get hot so it may reboot because it over heats, but after only about 20 to 30 minutes of using the GPS? I also noticed that when I'm charging it in the car and using the GPS it is almost a given.

    I have done many factory resets and battery pulls and it has not fixed the problem, my question is couold the SD card cause this? Should I try re-formatting the card? I'm out of warranty on the phone, so VZ pushed through an early up-grade and I just got an Incredible 2 today, but I love my on DINC and would like to keep it. Do you think it is a hardware issue and overheat problem or software.

    BTW I'm running a stock 2.2 OS.

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    Default SD Card Reboot Issues

    I have a new, replacement phone for a Droid Inc that stopped working. The phone starts and runs fine when the SD Card from the previous phone isn't installed. When it is, the phone reboots at the last step of log in, when it checks the SD card, so I think the card must be the issue.

    What's the best way for me to troubleshoot? Copy all the contents of the SD Card to a computer, wipe the SD Card and try to add all the content back in?
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    Sounds like faulty hardware to me. I have a hard time thinking the SD Card is going to cause your phone to reboot while using the GPS for 20 minutes.

    You could try wiping the sd card out and doing a factory reset to your phone. (Back up your data.) But I really doubt it's going to help. You could try using ANOTHER sd card or some thing and see if that clears the problem up. Or simply shut down the phone and remove the sd card all together and see if the phone over heats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackmason View Post
    What's the best way for me to troubleshoot? Copy all the contents of the SD Card to a computer, wipe the SD Card and try to add all the content back in?
    Yes - Make sure you format it FAT32 instead of just FAT or NTFS.

    If you still have problems - try another SD card.
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    Thanks guys. I tried the SD card wipe and no dice. It still reboots after using for about 20 minutes or so, even without the SD card. It seems it is hardware related (sucks). I have been using the Droid Incredible 2 for a few days now and it is a really nice phone specially the battery life!. Except I miss my AMOLED screen and extra on board memory DINC..

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