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    Default Problem downloading new update

    I can not download the new update for the fascinate. I am rooted and have been for a while. I go into the settings menu, about phone, and then I hit system updates. Every single time I hit system updates, there is a popup menu that comes up that says

    The application Settings has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    What is the problem? Can someone help.
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    Have you flashed CWM to your phone? If you have, you cannot do OTA updates.
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    Very simple - if you are rooted, de-bloated, de-odexed/themed, or running any form of custom ROM or CWM, you cannot use OTA updates. Basically if you are anything less than 100% Verizon stock - you cannot OTA update.

    It's kind of the giant red warning label on the side of the building when you enter the room called "root"
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    Actually, just being rooted won't prevent OTAs. Doing all the other things that you mentioned, however, will prevent updates.

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