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    Default Syncing with Facebook to Contacts

    So I noticed the other day that my Facebook was not syncing with my contacts and creating errors. The App is working fine and so is the widget. I played and played with it so I decided to just do a factory reset thinking that a fresh start might be a good idea. Facebook still will not sync with my contacts.

    I took it to a Verizon Wireless corporate store and the response was it is a feature of Samsung and sometimes you have to wait it out. He offered to call Samsung for me but said in his experience that call normally takes about an hour. I was on my way home from work and did not have the time so I took the number with me to call myself.

    I am curious if anyone else is having contact syncing problems? The way I noticed it is I added a new friend on FB that was already a contact in my phone. When I tried to link the new friend was not listed so I check the sync in settings and found the error.
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    I noticed the same issue. When we got new FaceBook update I believe is when all of this started. It is still causing issues with the "F.B." feeds and updated.
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    I noticed the same problem.that stinks but now I know I'm not alone.
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    Well this is the second thread about this issue. Not one "techie" can chime in on the problem? I wonder why?!?!
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    I think the problem is that nobody knows why their buggy integrated Facebook app doesn't work.
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    I was having the same problem, I went under settings>privacy>factory reset. When the phone rebooted and started the wizard, I did everything as normal except, I entered my facebook credentials first (before google). I let it do it's thing and THEN I did the rest, google etc.. Only then would my contacts sync! Yes, it could have been a fluke but mine is working now and I don't want to chance goofing it up by verifying! I also was on 3G not wifi...
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    Thanks for the recommendation Jrex. I am headed over to the VZW store today about the volume rocker switch today that is doing its own thing. I might try that if the swap out the device.
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    Just another confirmation that FB sync is acting totally whack on my end as well. I keep getting the red "cannot sync - error" and it keeps sending my phone into a neverending sync loop. Even when the account is unchecked to sync it continues to try. I had to delete my FB account off the phone and now it's behaving slightly better, but still.... something is way wrong with FB right now.

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