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    Default How to display battery percentage in icon?

    I am running the stock ED01 ODIN package rooted (ED01.tar.md5).

    I am wondering if there is a way to have the stock battery icon (in upper right) display the percentage of battery life left inside that same icon? I really don't want two icons for battery life or a widget.

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    I do not think that is an option on the stock Rom. This is why a lot of people root their phones and "upgrade" to a better rom such as the Comm Rom. More flexibility and much more user friendly.
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    Well I am rooted, but I prefer a stock rom. Thanks anyway.

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    Sure is, give Sbrissen's mod a whirl, also get some different lockscreen options , works very well, here a link to the XDA page. Choose SBrissen Mods Acc Battery Version:

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