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    Default Blackberry 10 lockscreen ported yet?

    anyone have a link to that beautiful lock screen yet, i'd be quite cheerful if someone could post a link.

    the lock screen thats all shadowy until you slide your finger onit
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    Default Re: Blackberry 10 lockscreen ported yet?

    its been ported to GSM nexus i know that. but nothing for the verizon version that i know of.
    the creator has also done some other lock screens as well, but none of them really got traction on the VZW nexus so i never tried them out. i really liked the LG lock screen he did.

    hopefully we are allowed to post XDA links.....if not, mod, feel free to take it down

    but just search "BB10 lockscreen GSM nexus" on google and it is the first link
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