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    Default Galaxy Nexus - delays with system updates?

    Hey everyone. I know the whole "bloatware" thing has been beaten to death and i have no intentions on giving my opinion on the issue, as it really doesn't matter. But what are the odds that the presence of the two apps has any effect on how quickly updates are sent to the phone? Will Verizon need to approve before the updates come through, or will we receive the updates from Google as soon as they're available like with previous Nexus phones?

    I realize it's all speculation at this point but i'm curious to hear what others might think.

    If this has already been addressed in a previous thread i apologize in advance.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Nexus - delays with system updates?

    The updates will still be going through Google. That said, they find working with CDMA to be a pain, so there's a chance it'll be a day or two behind the GSM counterparts.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Nexus - delays with system updates?

    With the xoom (also gets updates from google) the wifi version and verizon version both have rolled out updates within a week or two of each other, so I expect it will be the same with the galaxy nexus, not exactly the same time, but pretty close.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Nexus - delays with system updates?

    I hope the updates continue to funnel from Google, but who's to say that Verizon doesn't have to approve them? If the phone truly was delayed because there were issues with Verizon's apps on the phone and they had to upgrade to 4.0.2 then isn't that right there Verizon controlling the update process?
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    Default Re: Galaxy Nexus - delays with system updates?

    Who knows.....I'm sure the bugs verizon is putting in the phones will do something with the updates.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Nexus - delays with system updates?

    I don't know about you guys, but the title of this thread scared the you know what out of me.
    I hate threads with titles that have negative connotations.

    Then, I see the thread titles "Unbelievable". Coupled with this, I was almost afraid to open either one of them. I was thinking "Now what!?! Another delay?"

    I feel much better now after reading what this was actually about.

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