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    Default EVRC b voice?

    has anyone been able to activate this on the new galaxy nexus? I have tried **772 and ##program which have worked for past samsung and motorola devices (it was worth a shot) to no avail.

    search yields zip
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    new Nexus wont activate

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    Default Re: EVRC b voice?

    Quote Originally Posted by mtmjr90 View Post
    thank you but that doesnt address my issue. my phone works great and is fully activated and has been for days.

    I am looking to change the voice from evrc to evrc B for improved voice quality. in my experience most phones run on evrc by default, I have not confirmed this on our phone but would make the same assumption.
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    Default Re: EVRC b voice?

    I'm also interested in this... but can't find anything. ??
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    Default Re: EVRC b voice?

    Bump...its been 5 months any thoughts?

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