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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    Try the app called Sanity there is a free version and a paid one. It does alot more then just record. Plus on some of the MIUI mods there is a recorder for the phone it works better then Sanity but not every MIUI has it.
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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    Does sanity work on jelly bean? Call Recorder works marginally because there is a constant clicking in the background on jelly bean.
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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    what app did you download that works for recording?
    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    thank god someone understood the question.
    forget the lawyers and just admit you said something dumb
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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    Quote Originally Posted by BSG75 View Post
    As stated above, it's illegal in just about every state unless you get the other person's permission. Google Voice can do this, but it let's the other party know.

    Recording calls - Google Voice Help
    Actually, you have it backwards. The other person's consent is required in only 14 of our 50 states.
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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    I use the paid version of InCall Recorder. It works fine on my Galaxy Note 1 and the beauty of it is that it stores the calls in Dropbox by folder name of the person you chat with.

    What I am looking for is I have Nexus 7 (original) and have VOIP (Vonage) and would like to record calls on that when I make one but have nad no look finding one so any suggestions/help would be appreciated. O and if you wonder why I would like to use my Nexus for phone calls well it is on my desk and it is easy to have hands free. Hopefully this will be a stop gap measure until the Galaxy Tab 8 T311 is released in the U K as that has a slot for a sim card to send/receive calls.
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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    Please note: While different states view recording differently most do allow it under certain circumstances.

    Most recording laws are there to guard against planting "bugs". Recording conversations is common and most office phone systems now include a "record" button to capture a conversation as do many home systems. I use mine legally all the time to recall conversations and make sure nothing gets lost between the cracks of memory.

    Check you state laws, but in most cases having a phone app to record conversations your taking part in is legal.
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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    "but in most cases having a phone app to record conversations your taking part in is legal. "
    Actually, that has nothing to do with cell phones. According to the FCC, who have sole authority over them, cell phones ARE NOT TELEPHONES they are radios.

    States usually have "wiretapping" laws, which apply to a third party secretly recording a wired telephone call or wired telegraph. Wiretapping by definition is not possible on radios, only on wired lines. So the vast majority (if not all) state laws apply differently to cell phones, which legally are not phones. (They're just radios that are patched into the telephone system.)

    The bottom line is that someone in the US is instigating a great deal of FUD and somehow disabling Android's native recording abilities. Bear in mind, the cell phone companies have no problem selling phones that clandestinely record video--and that's illegal almost everywhere. Cell phones are being used for locker room videos, upskirt videos, all sorts of illegal uses and the carriers see no problem with allowing that, when they could easily disable it, or force the phones to show a red light, etc.

    So all the "illegal to record" business? FUD. It is 90% incorrect and someone with an agenda is behind it all. Anyone who can figure out who, gets a big prize.

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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    In Texas, any party to a telephone conversation can knowingly legally record a call. If a conference call, it still holds true, only one participant on the call has to know to be legal.
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    Default Re: Call Recorder app that works?

    Each state has their own definitions of what a "telephone" is. But the FCC, who has the sole authority over radio equipment by Congressional decree, has stated that cell phones are NOT PHONES, they ARE RADIOS and as such they are totally exempt from all telephonic and telegraphic wiretap laws, which simply do not apply to radios and radio transmissions.

    Better to ask, who or what has the power and ability to remove the Android code necessary to allow simple call recording. The Android OS allows the call audio streams to be redirected anywhere. That might prevent them from being surreptitiously directed to a "bug", because the audio stream was no longer what the bug expected.

    So...there may very well be a backdoor that allows bugging of all Android phones. And whoever coded the backdoor, may have disabled the native Android code to ensure it doesn't allow the backdoor being bypassed or locked out.

    Paranoia? Only if you can figure out a better reason why a different player has removed code from basically every Android phone on the US market--and only on the US market.

    Wiretap laws? Fuggedaboudit. That's FUD from the phone company. If the phone company was protecting you from anything, they'd have to disable the video recording features as well, to prevent clandestine locker room and upskirt videos. THAT'S illegal in almost every state, and your cellular companies allow it without blinking an eye.

    State and federal laws have no role in why the code has been removed.
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