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    Default Unlocked Galaxy Nexus in Canada

    I am spending an extended amount of time in Toronto for work. I also travel back to the states every other weekend.

    I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and was wondering if it can be unlocked and work off a Canadian Service Provider in lieu of roaming on Verizon? I know Verizon is CDMA and I think Telus is CDMA as well. If this is possible, what is the process of making this work? I hate carrying two phones and would like to just input one SIM Card in Canada and another in the US.

    Did a search and found related material, but nothing that completely answered my question.
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    The SIM card in your phone is only used for LTE. If Verizon has a roaming agreement with CDMA carriers in Canada you can probably purchase some international minutes/data.

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    Default Re: Unlocked Galaxy Nexus in Canada

    Thanks for the info. It was worth a shot, wanted to get off the roaming charges and the company I work for would get a plan with a service provider in the north.
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    Default Re: Unlocked Galaxy Nexus in Canada

    Can't be done. This is the limitation of CDMA. You are physically locked to the Verizon network (and their roaming partners). You can't swap the SIM like a typical GSM phone. If you want to keep a GNex you should buy an unlocked GSM model, and maintain two SIM cards (two accounts), 1 for the US and 1 for Canada, and just swap them at the border when you cross. Hassle, but a LOT cheaper than roaming, especially if you're going to be using it several times a month for extended periods.

    Also, FWIW Telus is not CDMA. All Canadian carriers have moved to GSM.
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    Default Re: Unlocked Galaxy Nexus in Canada

    thanks I was wondering this too... GF is in Toronto and I'm in Buffalo
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    Default Re: Unlocked Galaxy Nexus in Canada

    Thanks everyone for the info. The company I work for provides the phone, so I guess I will have to stay with the nexus in the states and the desire they got me from Telus in the great white north. Thanks again for the info.

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