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    Default How to delete 'albums'?

    How do I delete certain albums in the photo gallery? There are two albums that recently were created in my gallery one titled 'scrapbook' and the other titled 'Profile Photos (draft)'. I'm sure they were created by some app. Both do not have any pictures in them but I cannot seem to delete them. Deleting them is not an option like it is when I long press on other albums and I cannot seem to find their location using astro file manager. Any ideas? I'd really like to delete them as opposed to just having two empty never used albums in my gallery view.

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    Default Re: How to delete 'albums'?

    Sounds like your Google Plus albums. When you first set up the Google Plus app on your phone.. it will ask if you would like to turn on Instant Upload.. which automatically uploads all photos from your gallery into Google Plus. You need to turn that off. Also when you create a Google Plus account, it automatically creates a Picasa Web Album account for you.

    First.. turn off the instant upload option by deleting Google Plus app from your phone and re-installing it.. during the setup, turn off instant upload. Also go into Settings>Accounts & Sync.. and uncheck "sync Google Photos"

    To delete the albums from the phone you will need to login to Picasa and remove them. Its the same password and username used for your Google account.
    Sign into
    From the My Photos page.. click the album you'd like to delete
    Click Actions>Delete Album
    Select OK to confirm and delete
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    Default Re: How to delete 'albums'?

    Thank you sir-- this has been driving me insane.
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    Default Re: How to delete 'albums'?

    Thank you so much. This was annoying me too!!!
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    Default Re: How to delete 'albums'?

    Thank you your steps worked perfectly!
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    how to delt photos

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