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    Question Calender Notification

    I'm using the default Google Calender on the phone and I find calender notifications a real pain!!!!

    On a cheapo "dumb" Nokia phone, any calender events will ring non-stop for a few minutes until it is dismissed. Kinda like an alarm. But on my Galaxy Nexus, calender notifications just lets out a single ding and that's it...... Right now my reminders are soooooooo easy to miss because of this

    Is there any way to make calender notifications on my Nexus ring like an alarm?? Any settings I forget to change or will this be solved if I flash to a custom ROM?
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    Default Re: Calender Notification

    I use Droid Notify Plus and it gives you many options. there is also a free version, but the paid version works so well, I was happy to upgrade and pay.
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    Default Re: Calender Notification

    Yes, the default reminder is a real problem. but...it is the same as on my other Android phones so this is an Android problem rather than a Nexus problem even tho it is made worse by Nexus low volume.
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    Default Re: Calender Notification

    I use "Easy Reminder" app. You can set up the notification cycle, number of repeats, alert to use, etc. works great. I have all my SMS messages and any missed phone calls set for a 5 min alert repeat infinitely with "Cesium" ring tone. works great for getting work-related after-hours SMS pages...

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