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    Default Fix hairline scratches on screen?

    Any way to fix hairline scratches on the screen? Surprised by how susceptible the screen is to the tiniest of scratches.
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    Default Re: Fix hairline scratches on screen?

    Gorilla Glass it ain't. I have the same problem, put a keychain in my pocket without thinking once.
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    Default Re: Fix hairline scratches on screen?

    My Nexus had a couple hairline scratches. I tried all of the fixes that you find on google and nothing worked. Luckily I was having data issues so I needed to get a replacement anyway. As soon as I got the refurbished phone I got ghost armor for the screen... wasn't taking any more chances.

    So, to answer the question... I don't think anything will get the scratches completely away. Something like ghost armor might diminish its appearance though.
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    Default Re: Fix hairline scratches on screen?

    Screen protector helps hid it

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    Default Re: Fix hairline scratches on screen?

    Yes, a screen protector will help to hide any thinner scratches but usually the deeper ones will show up. I have had the best luck with the screen protectors from Screenguardz. They're pretty smooth to the touch as compared to a stickier material that is just annoying during use and the anti-glare feature is fantastic in bright situations.

    If you want to buff out the scratches, use a microfiber cloth with a buffing compound designed specifically for the material that the lens is made out of (i.e. Glass, Acrylic, or Gorilla Glass). Some compounds made for a specific surface could damage other materials, so pick the right one.

    These guys have a compound series that looks pretty legit so you might see what they have to offer.
    TDI-LLC Technology - Glass, Acrylic, and Gorilla Glass Compounds

    Hope this helps!

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