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    So I've had my Gnex for a few months now. I got it as a free upgrade from Verizon because my Thunderbolt was a piece of crap. I always left my Thunderbolt on 3G because of battery/stability issues. Before 4.2 I was having the same radio issues as others, so my Gnex stayed on 3g all the time as well. Recently I moved and I now have a strong, consistent 4G signal here in the SF Bay Area, so I've been leaving my phone on LTE and surprise, I've been getting better battery life. Not remarkably better, usually when I get off work my battery is at about 30% (3G), lately with 4G on, it has been more like 45-50%. I have a stronger LTE signal than 3G here, so I'm thinking that may have something to do with it (also its faster, so I suppose the radios are idling more often than on 3G). I use my phone all day, mostly using Pulse/Flipboard/Chrome doing a lot of web browsing and reading with the screen on.

    Anyone else have thoughts? Battery life still isn't as good as my OG Droid or old Blackberry, but its better than my Thunderbolt and leagues ahead of my old Palm Pre (5 hours on a charge with moderate use!)
    11-18-2012 06:00 PM
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    Its not the fact of more or less 3g its the fact the phone doesn't have to use more power to pull data then on lte considering u are in a strong 4g area or it would be reversed

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    11-18-2012 06:32 PM

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