I'm not even sure how to put this into words, My phone is acting very weird today. it won't play any noise at all no notifications no music NOTHING, If I try to change the volume with the hard keys OR in the settings menu there's no response the animation window shows up in the middle of the screen but no noise I can go about two levels up or down and then the phone will freeze the screen wont move and It wont respond to anything 15 seconds later my speaker makes a little pop noise and then the phone reboots, ALSO. if the phone goes to sleep I can't unlock it, if I lock it with the LOCK button I can't unlock it and it reboots

I've done battery pulls, factory resets etc.

even if it's just a hardware problem like my speaker is blown out or something why is it freezing my phone?

AOKP JB M1 and Franco Kernel

!I haven't dropped my phone gotten it wet or anything