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    Default Need a few Tips for Titanium Backup

    Right now I have it set to sync to a folder on Google Drive. Yet I have not figured out how to do a couple of things:

    1. The file of Drive currently contains over a 100 files, is there anyway to get this down to just one file per backup like a Nandroid?

    2. How do I create an archive of versions? Right now I think when it syncs it just overwrites the most recent backup. Lets say I want to have at least the last 10 days backed up, and one day I want to restore my device to how it was 7 days ago rather than yesterday? Is this possible?

    The problem I have run into recently is that I got a new Gnex and the last one is dead as a door nail. I setup the new Gnex, installed TB, but accidentally hit backup apps, so it backed up the very few things on a new Gnex. Then I ran "Sync to Drive" and when I went to perform a restore I cannot see any of my apps that I had backed up to Drive over the past 2 months.

    Apparently, when I backed up the new Gnex it overwrote everything I had backed up from the old Gnex, including all my game data etc . That's why I want to be able to store at least a few days of distinct backups so this doesn't happen to me again.
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    Default Re: Need a few Tips for Titanium Backup

    Did you have it backing up to an sd card as well? Not sure if that would be stored separate or not.

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    Default Re: Need a few Tips for Titanium Backup

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