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    Default Screen protector

    Are these nexus phone screens good for not getting scratches or should I get one for it?

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    Default Re: Screen protector

    Get one. I have a TINY scratch but I only went without a screen protector for like 1 week.

    I'd recommend this for any cell phone.. Gorilla Glass may be tough, but sand is still tougher and will scratch it..
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    Default Re: Screen protector

    Quote Originally Posted by Umass021 View Post
    Are these nexus phone screens good for not getting scratches or should I get one for it?
    It's not a black-or-white type of question. I haven't had a screen protector on my Nexus (on any of them, for that matter) at any time, and my screen is scratch-free. Your results will vary from anybody else on this forum simply because you don't do the same things they do.

    If you're worried about it and you don't have any problem using one (some people dislike the texture), I would say definitely go for it.

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