I normally have to use juice defender or another program like 2x battery saver on my phone because I find that it greatly helps save my battery through the day mainly because they switch the data connection off automatically after screen is off. However as of late (maybe past week or two) I have noticed when I unlock my phone and being to respond to a text message (or pretty much do anything) quickly then there will be a lot of lag/screen freeze while data reconnects.. Normally after my signal is fully connected I'm good to go with no lag or hang ups but it's just so annoying when you are trying to reply or text someone quickly and have to wait for that all the time. I don't know if there is anyway to remedy this or not.. I just don't remember that lag being there but maybe it was.. It's just hard for me to believe I never noticed it before and I can find nothing online or in user reviews for these battery saving applications that describe this problem or any solutions for it. I know I could simply not use them and that would obviously fix it, but I like to have 4g enabled when I use my phone's data and honestly thinking switching to 3g would make a ton of difference when it comes to saving battery on this phone if it remains on constantly either.. I'm all stock except for using nova launcher. I'm currently using 2x battery. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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