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    Default Should I wait for the S4?

    I love my Gnex, but I'm getting ready to move on. Want bigger, thinner, faster, etc. Need a new challenge.

    I've been toying with the idea of a Note II. A colleague has one but it just feels too damn big. Everybody says you get used to that in a couple of days but I just haven't been able to pull the trigger.

    What I really want seems to be coming in the S4 in April or May. 5" display, very high res, thin, larger battery.

    So, the question is: should I wait for the S4 or jump on the Note II now?
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    Default Re: Should I wait for the S4?

    I'd wait.To me, the N2 is a nice device but as you said, too damn big for a phone. It feels ridiculous (and I have pretty large hands). 5" screen with a smaller bezel and therefore the same form factor as 4.65-4.8 will perfect IMO.
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    Default Re: Should I wait for the S4?

    Thing with the note is you can't go back after owning one. The phone ruins you forever. You do get used to it very quickly, and using a smaller handset after using a note is akin to having to watch a 20" TV after having a 40".

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    Default Re: Should I wait for the S4?

    I was up for an upgrade almost two months ago, but I'm holding out because my GNex is still awesome and there's nothing out yet that I'd feel would make a good replacement. I'm currently waiting to see both the S4 and Motorola's supposed "X Phone". I can pretty much guarantee my next phone will be one of those two. I just want to see some actual details on both devices, and I want to make sure one (or both) get good dev support, particularly from the AOKP team.
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    Default Re: Should I wait for the S4?

    I'd wait for the S4 at this point in the game.

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    Default Re: Should I wait for the S4?

    Wait for the S4. The only thing I can't stand about my GNex is the battery life. I can hold out for the S4 for that alone. Everything else is icing.

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    Default Re: Should I wait for the S4?

    The Motorola X Phone is an intriguing idea, but the rumor mill says it won't be introduced until Google I-O in May. Should I wait and see what happens then?
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    Default Re: Should I wait for the S4?

    I'm in the same boat as well.. Waiting to see the S4 or the Motorolla X if it is real... Have a lot less interest in the nexus 4 since it's not LTE, no removable battery and no sd slot. I kind of want a note 2 as well.. I do think I could get used to it.
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    Default Re: Should I wait for the S4?

    I would strongly consider the Motorola X phone as well. Of course, not a lot is known at this point. It is definitely on my radar. It sounds like the phone I have been hoping someone would make...stock Android with an unlockable bootloader without being called a Nexus, so people don't about the slow updates.

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