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    Default 4.2.2 (custom ROM, obviously) = bluetooth 4.0? Sure hope so...

    I just got a FitBit that's jealously looking at my parents' GS3s because it can talk to them, but not my GNex... Hoping 4.2.2 enabled bluetooth 4.0 (not really holding my breath though), but if not, does anyone know of a hack or workaround to enable it? Still got some time before I upgrade and I figured I'd push my GNex to the limits of modification before I retire it...

    Thanks in advance, and sorry (in advance) if this is brought up a lot. Didn't see a bluetooth 4.0 thread that matched up with my question.
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    Default Re: 4.2.2 (custom ROM, obviously) = bluetooth 4.0? Sure hope so...

    Have you found an answer to this question? I'm running into the same issue with my Galaxy S3.
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    Default Re: 4.2.2 (custom ROM, obviously) = bluetooth 4.0? Sure hope so...

    I am no bluetooth snob, but i dont think 4.2.2 opened up BT 4.0
    the phone is capable of using it i know that, but, samsung/google has to do something to enable it. again, not a BT snob, but its not possible without SOMETHING from samsung/google

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